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Source of trouble

UV rays, air pollution (PM 2.5), tobacco, food containing chemical additives, stress and other causes of aging

External factors

Conditions that cause skin troubles from UV and other external factors

Free Radical Damage

Soak Up And Remove Free Radicals

As free radicals are removed, collagen is generated, and skin is repaired. Protects skin for 11 hours from UV penetration.

Source:@ 2010 The Society for Investigative Dermatology/Andrea Vierko¨tter1, Tamara Schikowski1,2, Ulrich Ranft1, Dorothea Sugiri1, Mary Matsui3, Ursula Kra¨mer1,4 and Jean Krutmann1,4

Why 3% fullerene concentration?

Eliminates free radicals!

Clinical trial results: Awesome effect!

Skin whitening effects
evident in clinical studies

Effect of fullerene

Skin Care that Produces Results


Fullerene included


The antioxidant effect of Vitamin C


The collagen production power of placenta

Fight and Condition

Essence Extra

Fullerene and four kinds of natural beauty oils take care of skin oxidation and drying. Leaving you with impeccable skin.


Our MOISTURIZER ESSENSE delivers tremendous power in one drop. Drawing your skin's elasticity and luminosity, a veritable gem for mature skin.

Deeper Moisture

Night Gel

The fullerene contained in MOISTURIZER ESSENSE penetrates deep into the skin. A gel pack that leads directly to bouncy skin while you sleep.

Face Mask

For times when you want to deep-moisturize your skin.

Wash & Protect

Cleansing Gel

Makeup removal featuring 14 types of natural moisturizing ingredients that protect moisture. A cleansing gel that feels like beauty lotion.


From the moment you wash your face, your skin is moisturized for a lighter tone skin. This silk foam soap melts into the skin.

Other Products

Travel Kit

Isn’t it time to experience fullerene? Our “bag-in-a-bag” is ultra-convenient!


At the heart of all our items is our safety and quality promise. With an obsession to detail, we blend naturally-derived moisturizing ingredients. Select the set that matches your skin (tone).