Beauty results, Born from A Promise

Creating skin care products
that make a difference

In my industry, results are everything.
Development for the MACHIKO cosmetics line was launched from a straightforward platform: RESULTS. I wanted to feel the optimal results for myself and provide our customers with the feeling of, these cosmetics produce results.
I gave birth and became a mother at age 40.
And following childbirth I struggled with severe skin trouble. None of the cosmetics I used were producing the results I needed. There was nothing I could do and there were times when I felt lost and afraid to be seen by others

A commitment to safety, reliability, and peace of mind using the right beauty ingredients in the amounts that produce results

On the day I became a mother, I made a promise to myself.
I wanted my son to grow up knowing his mother as someone who never gave up, who always approached life with a positive attitude, and who maintained a strong sense of pride. It was my vow as a mother, my hope for my son.
“Instead of giving up on your skin troubles, why not do something yourself?!”
I decided to do what I knew best. I would apply my business experience toward creating a cosmetics line that provided skin trouble results and anti-aging benefits.
After 5 years of trial and error, I succeeded in developing MACHIKO, a product providing a level of quality that satisfied me and resolved my skin problems.
As proof of my trust and commitment I have attached my own name to the brand.

Machiko Asai
Representative Director
Machiko Asai

Company Profile

Company Name
A&People Corporation
Date Established
September 10, 1984
Machiko Asai
[ Director ]
Masumi Kitsukawa
Tomoe Yamaguchi
[ Advisor ]
Sarah Ingmanson
Shinichi Nakamura
Takeshi Hattori
[ Legal Advisor ]
Makoto Murakami
(Murakami Law Office LPC)
30.000.000 yen
MUFG Bank, Ltd. Higashi-Ebisu Branch

Main Office

1-3-10 Ebisu-nishi SHIBUYA
TOKYO 150-0021 JAPAN




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